昆斯考特临终关怀 has become 的latest charity to benefit from money raised by a well-established networking group in Southport.

The latest event has raised £437 which will aid 昆斯考特临终关怀 in providing meaningful support to 的people of Southport, Formby and West Lancashire, allowing them to care for patients with serious illnesses ensuring they receive 的best possible quality of life.

绍斯波特商业领袖网络是由MHA Moore和Smalley,特许会计师和商业顾问发起的,并由当地中介机构赞助,例如Birchall Blackburn Law,县保险集团,劳埃德商业银行,MSIF和Watts Financial。

MHA Moore和Smalley的顾问Andy Webster说: 此次活动汇集了当地专业人士,使他们有机会建立新的联系并创造机会,同时为皇后区临终关怀医院等有价值的慈善机构筹集资金。

昆斯考特临终关怀 is a charity reliant on donations. Over three quarters of 的charity’s income is dependent on charitable donations, and without them they wouldn’t be able to carry out 的fantastic work they do.

I’d like to say a big thank you to our guests on 的evening as their support and generosity make it possible for us to give something back to a charity that makes such a difference to our local community.

Over 30 local business owners and entrepreneurs were invited to attend 的latest event which was sponsored by County Insurance Group. The next event is being held at Reuters and is being sponsored by Watts Financial.


The leaders of Lancashire’s manufacturing businesses are being encouraged to get involved in a week of free events aimed at growing 的region’s manufacturing economy.


兰开夏郡制造业周 由会计和商业咨询公司MHA Moore和Smalley,汇丰银行和UCLan组织和领导。

Ginni Cooper, head of 的manufacturing team at MHA 摩尔and Smalley, said: “Lancashire is home to some of 的world’s most inspiring manufacturing businesses. This week is dedicated to shining a spotlight on them on and how they can continue being successful in these unpredictable times.

“The inspiration, advice and support on offer at these events will equip manufacturers with 的information and knowledge they need to grow.”

首场赛事于3月5日和6日在UCLan举行,其中两场 产品开发研讨会 由业务和创新专家提供。

3月7日,总部位于伯恩利的全球制造业务VEKA集团主持了一个由行业领导者和专家组成的小组,讨论 国际贸易问题.

3月8日,汇丰银行将在普雷斯顿举办有关“发展您的制造业务 ’。 On March 9, 的North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce will host a session on ‘英国脱欧的准备与国际贸易 ’。

Speakers at 的various events include, Anastassia Beliakova, head of trade policy at 的British Chambers of Commerce; Peter Thompson, export manager at Evans Vanodine; Richard Halstead of manufacturers organisation EEF; John Boydell, chairman of Ampios; and Michael Gibson of Miralis.

For more information about 兰开夏郡制造业周, or to reserve a place at any of 的events, contact Danielle Hinks at MHA 摩尔and Smalley on 01772 821021 / [email protected]

MHA 公司财务概览2017

对于全国MHA公司而言,2017年是非常繁忙的一年,我们最新 企业融资概述 sets out transactions completed in 的year.

MHA 为85项已完成的国内和跨境交易提供咨询服务,使我们的企业客户群能够制定增长战略,交付继任计划并实现股东价值;这比2016年完成的交易增加了37%。

MHA firms also secured top rankings in a number of 的UK’s regions in 2017 and our teams won numerous M&一个奖项。 MHA Moore和Smalley提出建议 2017年公司交易额超过2500万英镑.

Business owners need to give consideration to 的tax planning strategies related to their transactions, for example does a sale qualify for Entrepreneur’s Relief? Our 2017-18年税收规划指南 提供指导。

What can we expect from 的2018年公司交易市场?

MHA Moore和Smalley的公司财务总监Stephen Gregson认为,对于那些持开放态度并充满活力的人来说,2018年将有很多机会。
Stephen said: “If you are thinking of selling then ask yourself why this is. What is it that you are trying to achieve by selling 的business? Is it a sum of money? Or is freeing up your time more important?

Depending upon your ultimate goal it may be possible to achieve this in another way and yet still retain ownership of 的business.

“To those who are considering acquisitions, getting your funding in place beforehand will give you certainty, flexibility and 的ability to act quickly.”

Read more of Stephen’s thoughts regarding 的2018年公司交易市场.

Will we see tax changes in 的spring statement?

As Britain’s departure from 的EU looms large, partner 乔纳森·梅因 , 的leader of MHA 摩尔and Smalley’s specialist indirect tax practice, answers this and other common questions businesses are asking.

With so much Brexit uncertainty, will 的spring statement be a damp squib this year?

The mood music from Downing Street and Brussels strongly suggests negotiations over Britain’s EU withdrawal agreement are likely to go down to 的wire.

If that’s 的case, 的chancellor’s spring statement will be announced against a very uncertain backdrop. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be overly cautious. In fact, 的chancellor will be keen to use 的event to show 的government is in control of 的situation.

History tells us that when we’re expecting an uneventful budget or spring statement speech, 的opposite can happen. Even now that 的spring statement is billed as simply an update on economic forecasts, we should always expect a surprise or two.

Are we going to see any tax changes in 的spring statement?

我认为,如果欧盟“无协议”退出,很有可能要么改变税率,要么至少宣布进一步的应急措施。 财政部每天都会发布新的立法,作为其为应对英国脱欧而进行的应急准备的一部分,因此我可以想象,财政大臣已经对可能在春季声明中宣布的税收变化进行了长期而艰辛的思考,以抢占先机。英国退欧带来的一些破坏,无论我们是否达成协议。因此,我们可能会在标题上看到一些间接税管理和征收方面的变化。

What’s 的likelihood of an emergency budget upon exiting 的EU?

如果我们没有在3月29日达成协议离开,几乎可以肯定的是,此后不久我们就会有紧急预算。 Even if we do agree a Brexit deal, it’s still a possibility there’ll be an emergency budget in 的aftermath of our departure, particularly if there’s a change of leadership within 的Conservative party.


That all depends on whether we leave with or without a deal. If we crash out of 的EU, then I would anticipate some measures designed to stimulate 的economy and encourage investment.


Lowering 的rate of income tax would be another option and may provide a better stimulus as it enables people to retain more of their income and therefore boost their spending power. We might also see some relaxation of tax deadlines, such as lengthening 的time over which tax has to be paid or introducing tax holidays.

Quantitative easing, in simple terms 的injection of extra cash into 的banking system by 的Bank of England, might also be something that would be considered as part of an emergency budget.





What can I do to avoid customs tariffs in 的event of no deal?

This will be an issue for many manufacturers who are bringing goods into Britain and then exporting them again. That means 的goods crossing two customs borders and tariffs potentially having to be paid twice.


有关准备为英国退欧电话准备业务的更多信息 乔纳森·梅因 在01772 821021上。


Our Year End 税 Planning Guide summarises some key tax and financial planning tips which should be considered prior to 的end of 的tax year on 5 April 2019 or for companies, 的end of 的financial year on 31 March 2019.

The guide covers 的following topics:

  • 英国脱欧计划
  • 所得税
  • 资产增值税
  • 税收优惠投资
  • 物业投资业务
  • 遗产税
  • 退休金
  • 公司税
  • 资本津贴
  • 增强税收减免
  • 使税收数字化
  • 苏格兰税
  • 威尔士税
  • 北爱尔兰税
  • 爱尔兰共和国税

As we approach 的end of 的tax year, now is 的time to review your tax affairs to ensure that you have taken advantage of all reliefs available to you and have considered some planning opportunities to help reduce your tax bill.

MHA Moore和Smalley的税务团队得到了加强

Lancaster-based accountancy firm MHA 摩尔and Smalley has expanded its tax team with 的appointment of tax manager Jenny Trunks.

珍妮(Jenny)是与中小企业打交道的专家,他来自普雷斯顿的Rushtons特许会计师。她之前的经验还包括CLB Coopers和Grant Thornton的角色。

At MHA 摩尔and Smalley, Jenny’s role will be to advise businesses throughout 的region on tax planning and corporation tax compliance.

A graduate of The University of East Anglia, Jenny has also been a member of 的Chartered Institute of 税 ation for 11 years and 的Association of 税 ation Technicians for 16 years.

MHA 摩尔and Smalley has a seven-strong tax team in Lancaster and over 30 tax specialists in 的region.

雷切尔·马斯丁 , tax partner at MHA 摩尔and Smalley, said: “Jenny’s appointment follows continued growth in demand for specialist tax services. With over 15 years’ experience she will bring invaluable skills and knowledge to 的team.”

Jenny, originally from Huddersfield, added: “I have watched MHA 摩尔and Smalley grow over 的past couple of years and it’s clear that it’s a forward-thinking firm with a passion for great client service. “

兰开斯特队还推广了克莱尔钢铁公司。克莱尔(Clare)在MHA Moore和Smalley任职超过四年后,成为税务经理。


A recent online survey conducted by MHA 摩尔and Smalley, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, revealed that only 42% of business owners understand how Brexit may impact their business. This leaves 58% of business owners in 的dark about what a post-Brexit world would look like for their businesses.

Research reveals that many are left feeling uncertain about what to do next despite there being only a little over nine weeks to go before Britain is scheduled to leave 的European Union. Although uncertainty remains high there are a number of practical steps that can be taken to aid 的transition into a post-Brexit world.

乔纳森·梅因 , Partner at MHA 摩尔and Smalley comments, “Irrespective of 的manner in which 的UK leaves 的EU, there are practical steps which can be taken now to reduce costs of importing goods into 的UK, speed up supply chains and make 的buying experience as painless as possible for your customers.”

MHA 摩尔and Smalley have provided an array of content on their 网站 that may begin to help those left unsure about Brexit’s impact on their business. You can view their material following 的links listed below.



制造商: 英国脱欧及其对制造商事件的影响

QES Q4:英国脱欧不确定性持续加剧时,经济停滞

The results of 的latest Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) from 的Chamber of Commerce show that economic conditions were worryingly subdued in 的final quarter of 2018, with a number of key indicators continuing to weaken under 的weight of persistent Brexit uncertainty and rising cost pressures.

由县的三个商会与MHA Moore和Smalley特许会计师和商业顾问联合编制的2018年第四季度调查显示,服务业的国内销售和订单显着放缓,这是经济的主要推动力占调查问卷回应的三分之二。销售的放缓也影响了该行业的商业信心,并期望在来年营业额和利润将改善,这是一个倒退。

商业信心的下降也反映在制造业和服务业公司的就业前景疲软中。  Despite this, over half of 的firms in 的survey attempted to recruit during 的last three months of 的year with 74% of manufacturers reporting difficulty recruiting skilled manual workers.

Commenting on 的results, Alan Welsh Policy Manager at 的North &西兰开夏会议厅说:


“Skills shortages continue to be a major concern for Lancashire businesses and we urge 的government to proceed with caution over changes to immigration policy as we leave 的European Union. Companies must be able to access skills at all levels without heavy costs or bureaucracy.”

The results from 的Chambers of Commerce survey were revealed to an audience of local businesses at Preston’s College on Thursday 10th January by  MHA 摩尔and Smalley公司财务总监Stephen Gregson。  Commenting on 的survey, he said:

“最新的一组结果表明,上一季度和12个月前的表现和信心明显减弱,但我们不应该过于悲观地判断这一点。 QES的目的是激发思想并促使我们问“为什么?”,调查结果是真实的。 这里可能会有一些同类效应,但是我认为更大的因素是“ B”字。

“英国脱欧及其采取的任何形式,在调查开始前一直是许多媒体关注的焦点。 我认为,大部分评论的严肃性对企业界的情绪影响不小。我们看到结果中显示出不确定性和焦虑感。 关于经济,我越来越得出这样的结论:事情很少像我们担心的那样糟糕– 他们的结果也不会像我们希望的那样好。”

请点击 这里 to view 的report.

For other content regarding Brexit please view 的following material on 的links listed below.



制造商:  英国脱欧及其对制造商事件的影响




The report covers 的following topics:

采用 the ‘月对月清单’ at 的start to assess where you are now in each of 的areas. Once you have read a section, fill in 的‘您想去哪里?如何到达那里?’ part of 的checklist. Set yourself some timescales and then at 的end of your period, assess whether you achieved your goals or not.

Read 的full report: 受托人的11个关键步骤,慈善事业的1个大跃进

唐’t worry if you don’不能到达想要的地方。如果您有任何困难或需要解决的建议,我们的非营利部门专业顾问可以利用包括非营利组织在内的各种机构的大量经验和专业知识,赠款机构,宗教组织和各种慈善机构。

If you have any questions about 的issues raised in this report or would like to discuss your accounting and business advisory needs with one of our sector specialists, please contact 特蕾西·约翰逊(Tracey Johnson)或致电01772 821021与我们的成员联系 慈善机构 and Not for Profit 球队。

MHA Moore和Smalley支持萌芽的企业家

Year 4 children at St Bedes Academy were given an opportunity to explore their entrepreneurial skills with 的help of chartered accountants and business advisers MHA 摩尔and Smalley.

MHA 摩尔and Smalley has donated £600, allowing 的children to put their enterprising skills to 的test and experience first-hand 的challenges involved with running a small business.

The ‘Young Entrepreneurs Printing Project’ has seen 的children’s ideas come to light as they’ve now purchased, installed and tested printing equipment in school, much to their delight.

Andrew Lawson, who is co-ordinating 的project and is music specialist at 的academy said: ‘’Not only does 的project help to develop 的children’s critical thinking skills, but using real life scenarios helps 的pupils engage with their learning and gives it purpose beyond 的school gates.

对现代教育系统经常提出的一种指责是,它使孩子为参加考试而不是放学后生活做好准备。通过使用现实生活中的情景进行教学,学生可以将所学知识运用到有意义的,非抽象的情景中。 这给了他们学习的目的,反过来对学生有帮助’保持知识并发展其解决问题的能力。 比这更重要的是,这使他们成为热情而积极的学习者。’’

MHA Moore和Smalley的公司高级经理Nicola Mason补充说:“这样的项目是将孩子介绍给企业并激励我们下一代企业家的绝佳方式。

The academy has some fantastic young business brains and hopefully 的project will give these children a knowledge of business practice, not to mention a taste for success!


The second stage of 的project will see 的pupils develop ideas for 的designs of their products, and participate in conducting market research with their target customers.

St Bede Academy is a Church of England Academy located in 的Morris Green area of Bolton.